Functionality and Reliability

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The way to accomplish this is to run all low voltage wiring to one location inside your home. This allows you to access them with ease. You can change any phone outlet to an internet outlet with ease at anytime. You can control all of your wiring.
Structured wires go from the enclosure to each outlet. There are huge benefits from this arrangement. If one wire is frayed or cut it does not effect any other wire in your home, and, you can change the function of any wire at anytime. Trouble shooting is a breeze.
This allows your wiring to grow with your needs. Later you can add…
• Intercom modules
• Distributed audio modules
• Internet routers
• Phone lines
• Cable satellite outlet
• And much more with ease
Have a nice and neat structured enclosure…..not a big jumble of wires on the outside of your home.