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The Ultimate Smart Home

Imagine your smart home easily customized to enhance your life. URC’s Total Control® system delivers next generation, home automation solutions and exceptional performance for a truly personalized experience. Imagine your home with superior technology solutions that control light, entertainment, comfort and security. Total Control delivers boldly designed, intuitive touch screens, handheld remotes, controllers and mobile apps to transform your home. In addition to indoor spaces, URC’s Total Control can create uniquely entertaining and comfortable spaces in outdoor environments like patios, decks, guest houses, and outdoor home theaters. Imagine Beyond Everyday... with unique features and experiences only available through Total Control.

Autonomic Whole Home Music 

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The Mirage Audio System is a turnkey, audiophile grade, whole-home audio system. It supports high-resolution audio, iTunes, WMP playlists, the most popular streaming music services, including Pandora, Spotify, SiriusXM, Deezer and Slacker, as well as local and international AM/FM radio stations via TuneIn and iHeartRadio.

This complete package provides everything you need to install the world's best performing house-wide audio system available. Just add your choice of in-wall or free-standing speakers. With the Mirage Audio System's high-end audio specifications and power rating, you have the flexibility to select higher quality loudspeakers in your favorite rooms.

Our user interfaces seamlessly blend room control with music browsing to create a simple and enjoyable experience. Easily group together multiple rooms, select a music program from your local content or from the universe of online music available, and then easily control the volume level across the group of zones, or in each room individually.

The Mirage Audio System can be supported up to 96 individual zones of audio, making it an outstanding choice for everything from small residential projects, to the largest commercial environments.

Origin Speakers

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  WAV has picked up a new line of speakers. We still carry all of the brands you love but, Origin Speakers are a bold addition to our line up. All of the great minds that developed Speakercraft speakers have reunited to form Origin Speakers. Origin has made a evolutionary step in speaker development. From fidelity to installation not a single stone was left unturned.
   I have picked the Composer THTR68 to show off today. Below are a few of the design enhancements:
Triple Threat
A true three-way design with five drivers, the Composer THTR68 divides frequencies among dedicated woofers, mid-ranges and a tweeter for a very detailed and dynamic sound presentation. A precision crossover network allows for voicing of the individual drivers allowing our design team to create the perfect acoustic blend.
Dual Plane Stabilized Diaphragm (DPSD™)
A patented innovation that dramatically improves high-frequency performance, the DPSD™ radiator uses a unique suspension design that maintains the tweeters alignment throughout a larger frequency range. The suspension is attached at both the voice-coil and the peak of the dome allowing the driver to be crossed over at a much lower frequency. This results in improved dispersion and decreased distortion.
X-Wave Woofer Surround
While in motion, frequencies between 700-1,400 Hz typically run up the cone of a woofer and are reflected back and forth from the center of the driver. This creates unwanted harmonic distortion. The X-Wave surround found in Origin woofers absorbs these frequencies reducing distortion and maintaining driver stability. This design also maximizes cone area by reducing the width of the surround.
EQ Adjustments
Two switches on the baffle and behind the grille allow for fine-tuning of the system by attenuating bass and treble response. Placement of the speakers is often affected by the room layout and placement of the television and furniture. The ability to adjust the frequency response of each speaker to compensate for adjacent walls and other architectural features is very important.
Progressive Suspension
As the driver travels to the limits of its excursion, the suspension, made up of the spider and the surround, becomes more rigid, exerting more control on the movement of the cone. The result is increased, clean power output throughout the driver’s frequency range.
Going Low
The heart of the Composer THTR68 is the bass section made up of dual Kevlar® woofers that create the sonic foundation. Measuring 6 ½", the round drivers allow the overall footprint of the speaker to be much thinner and more attractive. Placed above and below the mid/tweeter section, these drivers help create a taller sound stage.
  These speakers are a easy upgrade to any existing theater or media room.

The New URC MX990

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MX 990
The most advanced URC CCP-series remote ever

The MX-990 is our most advanced remote in the Complete Control™ line of products that gives a whole new level of personalization to suit your home control needs. It bears our latest design and form factor, and delivers complete control of virtually any kind of entertainment system or home theater, from the basic to most elaborate. You and your family will be able to control nearly every audio and video product you own, all with a simple press of a button.
Unleash your creativity 
With the help of your authorized URC installer, your MX-990 remote screens and graphics can be fully customized. It boasts a ‘freeform graphics feature’ that allows your installation specialist to create graphics just the way you want. In addition to this flexibility in design and layout, channel your creativity to configure any combination of actions – one button press can turn on your TV and switch to start your favorite movie for family movie night.
Stress-free and ‘off the network’
The new CCP remote requires a simple setup that accepts all MX-980 files, and works with the popular, bulletproof Narrow-Band RF. That means that you can freely move around your home and select entertainment components in any room in the house and operate devices through walls. No additional home networking gear or service is required with our CCP line, which ensures your system is always up and running!